PAD Power is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application. You can download a free copy of PAD Power in a zip file format (.zip) or as an Excel file (.xls). Click on a link below to download the file.

Power Amp Design has developed its PAD Power spreadsheet to assist design engineers in developing reliable power amplifier application circuits. The safe operating area (SOA) of a power amplifier is the most important specification for a power amplifier. And yet, SOA graphs usually offered by component amplifier manufacturers offer limited information and insight into the demands an application may make of the amplifier. PAD Power is capable of calculating maximum amplifier junction temperature with user inputs for operating ambient temperature, load and output signal amplitude and shape (DC, AC or pulse) and even considers non-symmetrical signals. PAD Power is based on the Excel spreadsheet and is self-documented. Download the PAD Power Excel spreadsheet to calculate your application’s power dissipation and the temperatures of the heat sink, substrate and junctions. The spreadsheet will help you spot problems before smoke rises and insure the reliability of your application circuit.

Once a reliable power circuit has been developed the user can move on to the second analysis package offered. PAD Power can now perform a stability analysis for a variety of common power amplifier application circuits. The user can specify the model used and the various circuit components and load and receive graphs for the bode plot and phase diagrams as well as numeric results specifying phase margin and closure frequency.

PAD Power v3.3 zip file (2.6MEG)

PAD Power v3.3 Excel file (8.4 MEG)