PAD’s high performance operational amplifiers are the perfect building block for the industrial OEM control applications such as piezo, voice coil and servo motor control.  Our applications engineers have extensive experience in the design and development of digital and analog systems for the high-bandwidth control of voltage and current.  We are available to design custom products, using our standard operational amplifiers, for our OEM partners.

We have developed the LA-100, LA-300 and LAD-300S servo amplifiers by incorporating our standard operational amplifiers.  The LA-300 incorporates three PAD 129 amplifiers.  The LAD-300S incorporates eight PAD 141 amplifiers.

Feel free to contact one of our experienced application engineers today to inquire about a custom design for your product.

LA 300 Series

Linear Servo Amplifier

  • Compact size
  • Wide bus voltage +/-12 to +/-100 VDC
  • High output current +/-10A
  • 300 WATT dissipation capability
  • 4 current loop gain settings
  • Up to 10KHz current loop bandwidth
  • Capability to drive up to three single-phase motors or one 3-phase motor
  • 3 packages available – Open-frame, DC standalone, and AC standalone
LA 100 Series

Linear Servo Amplifier

  • PAD Power
  • Linear output control for quiet motion control
  • Unipolar to +12VDC to +48VDC input voltage
  • 100 WATT continuous dissipation capability
  • Up to 5KHz current loop bandwidth
  • Low current drift with zero crossover distortion
  • Safe operating area (SOA) protection
  • Compact design to save panel space
  • Smart fan control – no external voltage required
LAD 300S Series

4 Axis Digital Linear Servo Amplifier

  • Design utilizes 8 pieces of PAD141
  • Digital command via SPI driving quad DAC
  • 4 Axis drive in compact package
  • 20MHz SPI current reference interface
  • Linear output control for quiet motion control
  • High output current +/-10A
  • 300 WATT continuous dissipation capability
  • Unipolar power supply +15 to +56 VDC
  • 4 current loop gain settings
  • 4 transconductance ratio settings
  • Up to 5KHz current loop bandwidth
  • Low current drift
  • Zero crossover distortion
  • Over current, voltage, temperature protection
  • Safe operating area (SOA) protection
  • Non-volatile storage of all system parameters
  • 3 packages (Modules, DC standalone, AC standalone)
  • Smart fan control