As a convenience, we offer a selection of AC/DC power supplies. Most of the power supplies we stock at this time are 48V power supplies with universal ac voltage inputs. Two of these power supplies (or more) may be wired in series for up to 96VDC, for example. Do not wire the power supplies in parallel as they do not have parallel operation capability. Two power supplies can also be wired to obtain, for example, +/-48V for bipolar applications. In addition we stock an inexpensive 12V power supply with an universal input for powering up to 10 fans. We do not stock but can obtain similar power supplies in other voltages such as 15V or 24V. See our application article AN-44 Connecting Multiple Power Supplies for more details.

Model RS-15-12

12V 1.3A 12W

Inexpensive universal input power supply suitable for powering up to 10 fans.

Model LRS-50-48

48V 1.1A 50W

Model RS-100-48

48V 2.3A 110W

Model LRS-200-48

48V 4.4A 221W

Model LRS-350-48

48V 7.3A 350W

Model RSP-500-48

48V 10.5A 504W

Model 311007-01

Power cords are needed for the power supplies. You can use your own or obtain one from us. Our power cords are fitted with spade lugs for #6 screws.
See the datasheet for details of the power cord including color code of the wires.