Simple Power Op Amp Solutions

About PAD

  • PAD was founded in 2002 to develop a new generation of power op amps for industrial applications
  • PAD amplifier products span a voltage range of 100 to amplifier products span a voltage range of 100 to 2000V, current ratings , current ratings from 50mA to 50A and a power dissipation range from and a power dissipation range from 5W to 300W with footprints ranging from footprints ranging from 30mm square to square to 90mm square.
  • Typical applications for PAD products include:
    • Brush motor drive
    • Sonar transducer drive
    • Industrial Ink Jet Print Head Drive Industrial Industrial Ink Jet Print Head Drive
    • Scanning tunneling microscopes
    • ATE pin drivers
    • Ultra-sound transducer drive sound transducer drive
    • Scientific instrumentation
    • Semi-conductor capital equipment conductor capital equipment

PAD Design Goals

  • The new The new PAD products have achieved their products products have achieved achieved their power op amp design goals:
    • Replace aging industry hybrid amplifiers with more Replace Replace aging industry industry hybrid amplifiers amplifiers with more modern and cost effective designs
    • Improve power amplifier performance at a lower Improve Improve power amplifier amplifier performance performance at a lower cost than hybrid designs
    • Provide an integrated cooling solution Provide Provide an integrated integrated cooling cooling solution solution Provide a compact simple plug & play power amplifier solution

PAD Design Support

  • All PAD products are supported with:
    • Expert applications assistance
    • SPICE models for common circuit simulators SPICE models for common circuit circuit simulators simulators
    • Evaluation kits for each model
    • PAD Power™, our Excel based design verification spreadsheet
    • Accessory modules to modify or enhance normal amplifier operation
    • Custom designs with or without heat sinks & fans

PAD New Concepts

  • PAD high power op amps offer a new concept: an integrated heat sink and fan optimize amplifier cooling while decreasing size and increasing power density
  • PAD amplifiers are constructed with low cost surface mount technology on an insulated metal substrate and uses no beryllium oxide (BeO).
  • PAD optional accessory modules to enhance am modules to enhance amplifier performance

PAD Amplifier Advantages

  • Compact plug-in designs with integrated active and passive heat sink cooling
  • Amplifier temp range from -40C to +105C (designs without fan and -55C to +125C temp range available on special )
  • No separate components to procure or assemble (heat sink, thermal “grease”, amplifier)
  • Real-world power ratings (not relative to the “infinite” heat sinks of competitive products)
  • Best technical specifications available.
  • Many amplifier models offer thermal shutdown and analog temperature output voltage
  • Extensive “accessory” modules offered

Active Cooling Comparisons

  • Both heat sinks shown have a thermal resistance of 0.5oC/Watt
  • Aavid passive heat sink volume is 100 in3 and weights 73 oz.
  • PAD active heat sink volume is only4.6in3 and weighs only 4 oz.
  • PAD cooling fan consumes only 1.5 watts

Amplifier Attachment

  • Amplifier pre Amplifier pre-attached to heat sink with heat and pressure for a high quality interface

PAD Products Also Available on Custom Passive Heat Sinks for Special Applications

PAD Accessory Modules Accessory Modules

  • Optional accessory modules offer new features to amplifier models
  • For example: model PAD125 offers programmable current limit features
  • PAD131 offers PRIO operation for some models

PAD Evaluation Kits

  • Most amplifier models offer dedicated evaluation kits for circuit development
  • Evaluation kits are assembled and include all special components needed for the model
  • Evaluation kits provide support e support for optional accessory modules

PAD Noted Customers

  • General Electric
  • NASA (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
  • General Motors
  • Kodak
  • Lockheed Martin
  • NATO Undersea Research Centre
  • Texas Instruments
  • Schlumberger
  • National Semiconductor


  • PAD offers a full and expanding line of power operational amplifiers for industrial applications that offer superior electrical and thermal in a compact and plug-in design PAD products are supported by expert application assistance, accessory modules, SPICE models, evaluation kits and our PAD Power™ design spreadsheet.